Explore_Shizuoka_RWC_Off _the Tokaido_Line_Series

Interactive Map – RWC2019 Explore Shizuoka Series

THE GOAL To attract people to Shizuoka during the Rugby World Cup 2019 through September and October. Many visitors will be travelling between Tokyo/Yokohama and Kyoto/Kobe/Osaka during the 6 week tournament, and Shizuoka’s location on the Tokaido line provides a great opportunity to have a variety of experiences in the days between rugby matches.   The Interactive […]

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Explore Shizuoka Website

THE GOAL To create a website and marketing platform for Tourism Shizuoka Japan that builds awareness of the prefecture and attracts inbound tourists to explore Shizuoka.  OUR APPROACH From June 2017, Carpe Dean began visiting local communities in Shizuoka. We invited foreigners to come with us on ‘Monitor Tours’ around the prefecture, to enjoy the […]

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