Services That Provide Results

Consulting Services

With our years of experience in Japan’s tourism and outdoor industries and participant feedback from monitor tours, we analyse and evaluate the quality and relevance of local tourism products.

Carpe Dean Initial Consultation

Visiting the area and conducting an initial assessment of experiences and attractions to identify opportunities and challenges, as well as local area needs and expectations.

Operations and Infrastructure Guidelines

Operational guidelines outlining how the area can improve the tourism assets and activities, including an evaluation of existing English language materials.

Tour Design and Itineraries

Provide recommendations on logistics, the attractions that foreign visitors will enjoy the most, and pricing guidance, to develop itineraries that match inbound tourism expectations.

Location Report

Customised report for the area, detailing observations, issues, opportunities and implications for the area and each experience.

Survey Design and Implementation

The creation of market research surveys, interviews and tourism asset assessment tools to understand the challenges for the local area and the best actions to take to improve the area’s appeal to inbound tourists. This includes social media analysis through industry leading software and on the ground surveys and interviews on tourism assets through monitor tours.

Monitor Tours for product development, asset assessment and content creation

Monitor tours for tourism product development and assessment, as well as marketing content creation through photos and videos. Carpe Dean can organise groups of foreigners to come to and evaluate the area. Carpe Dean selects from an extensive network of foreigners in Japan from a wide range of countries and customise participants to meet client needs.